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Regular Membership in the Nevada State Tow Association is open to all tow companies who possess an active Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) issued by the Nevada Transportation Authority.  We also offer Associate memberships for a firm or company engaged in providing products or services to any member of the association. 
All members must agree to follow the Code of Conduct and NSTA By-Laws.

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to being part of a group of towing professionals who share your concerns and you can rely on for support, including:
  • Legislative advocacy at both local and state government levels - to protect and promote the towing industry. This may be the most important benefit to members
  • Strengthening working relationships with the NSP, DMV, NDOT & NTA
  • Member education and driver training
  • National driver certification testing
  • Education topics to include: safety, equipment, management, regulations, pending and current legislation and industry practices
  • Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events
  • Weekly email blasts
  • Membership decals, certificates/plaques and patches to display affiliation with professional organization
  • Listing in website membership directory
  • Programs that benefit our members

Regular Tow Company Membership

A Regular Member of the NSTA shall be any individual or company actively engaged in the towing and recovery industry. Regular members must have an active CPCN number and are entitled to one vote per member.

Regular Membership Dues

1 Tow Truck* - $295.00 /year Join/Renew Now

2 to 5 Tow Trucks* - $495.00 /year Join/Renew Now

6 to15 Tow Trucks* - $995.00 /year Join/Renew Now

16 + Tow Trucks* - $1,495.00 /year Join/Renew Now

* Based on the number of Nevada Transportation Authority issued “CPCN” Plates.

Associate Member

An Associate Member is a designated representative of a firm or company engaged in providing products or services to any member of the association.  This member is entitled to one vote per member.  Associate Members – non CPCN tow company or vendors.

Associate Membership Benefits & Dues

Bronze Member - $350.00 Join/Renew Now
Website listing
Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events
Newsletter exposure, invitation to the annual events and trade shows with discounted vendor fees
Silver Member - $595.00 Join/Renew Now
All the above benefits and Banner Website Advertising
Gold Member - $745.00 Join/Renew Now
Direct Exposure to members
All the above benefits
Annual Presentation to the membership at one of our meetings during the year

Tow Team Member

A Tow Team Member shall be open to any person employed by a current association member in good standing.
The member shall have no voting rights, except if appointed to a committee.

Tow Team Membership Dues

Annual Tow Team Membership Dues Join Now /or Renew
Tow Team Member - $50.00 Join/Renew Now
Prefer to mail in your Membership Application? Click the link below and download the .pdf.
Regular Member - Associate Member - Tow Team Member
Print, fill in and mail with your payment. 
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